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Extracting teeth is usually a last-resort option since keeping your natural teeth in your mouth is the best for your oral health. However, there are some instances where Dr. Susan Evans doesn’t have a choice and has to extract your tooth to save your other teeth.

This is usually because a tooth that needs extraction has an infection near the root. If that’s the case, a tooth definitely has to be extracted to prevent the spread of that infection to other healthy teeth. So what happens after your tooth is yanked?

A dental bridge in Hutchinson, KS, will effectively restore the full function and appearance of the decayed tooth. It is essentially a single piece of dental work that is fused to a pair of crowns that are anchored on abutments that are formed from the core of the two neighboring teeth.

The process starts with your dentist removing most of the tooth enamel from the teeth. Then, a detailed impression will be cast of the abutments and the corresponding teeth in your bite pattern. This will be sent to our dental lab where your new bridge will be made. Then, temporary crowns will be cemented over each abutment to protect them while you await the completion of your bridge.

We will call you in for a brief second appointment when your bridge is ready. The temporary crowns will be removed and your new bridge will be cemented onto two abutments during this appointment.

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