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Every year we participate in the United Way of Reno County Clean-Up Day!

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Dr. James Gertken and his wife, Pam, are huge supporters of the arts in our community. Pam was the President of the Art Association and is a lifetime board member. Together, they participate in local Art Fairs to encourage all people to show off their talents, whether they are just starting out or having been practicing for many years.

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crown council SMILES FOR LIFE

Every year we choose a foundation to donate 100% of our proceeds from a professional teeth whitening. These proceeds to go the ‘Smiles for Life’ Foundation, benefiting Children’s Charities both locally and around the world.

50% of proceed went to Reno County Cancer Council

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For multiple years now we have sponsored some amazing young mind local kids to attend Eagle University. This year’s fully paid sponsorship went to Kali and Evelyn. The girls left for a week long adventure to learn life skills, helping them succeed as young professionals in both their personal and professional lives.

EAGLE University is the MOST EFFECTIVE youth success program to help students get a 7-year career head start and is open to both high school and college students.This University is proud to be sponsored by the Kansas Chamber United for Business.



During the Eagle U program, participants get a 7-year jump-start on life. Students entering high school through college age build self-confidence, motivation, and direction. Participants will find mentors that give them inspiration, wisdom, and new ways to develop a direction in life and be successful. Participants will also learn life lessons at the hands of those who have actually proven, by their performance, the success of the principles that they teach. At Eagle U, participants will define their goals and discover the tools to reach them.

The eagle has always symbolized independence, strength and focused direction. When you emerge from Eagle U, you’ll have the opportunity to be all of these things as you follow the systems you will be given. They are common sense systems, but not commonly practiced. To be extraordinary, you don’t do ordinary things that ordinary people do.

Dr. Susan K. Evans was gifted an award for sponsoring students for multiple years.

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Our very own Dr. Susan Evans spent her weekend in Hays, Kansas volunteering for the Kansas Mission of Mercy (KMOM) free dental clinic.

In 2018, our very own Dr. Susan Evans chaired KMOM in Hutchinson, Ks to run the event. It was one of the largest in the history of our Kansas Mission of Mercy. Kami and Staci, two of our Dental Hygienists, were both on the board of this project.

Dr. Susan Evans spent her weekend in Hays, Kansas volunteering for the 2022 Kansas Mission of Mercy (KMOM) free dental clinic.

As a combined effort, this event provided millions of dollars’ worth of free dental care for many who may not otherwise have the means to receive it. These included cleanings, fillings, and extractions depending on what the patient was needing.

Read more about KMOM at and this special event here.

Read more about #KMOM and this special event here.

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