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    At Sage Brush Dental Health, the Bioclear method involves using specialized matrices and composite materials to create seamless, natural-looking restorations while preserving as much of the natural tooth structure as possible. Bioclear restorations aim to provide a strong, long-lasting, and esthetically pleasing outcome. The technique is considered conservative because it requires minimal removal of healthy tooth structure and provides excellent marginal adaptation, reducing the risk of recurrent decay and potential complications.

    Bioclear restorations can be an alternative to traditional restorative options like dental veneers, crowns, or orthodontic treatments. The technique has gained popularity among dentists who prioritize minimally invasive approaches and esthetic outcomes. The Bioclear system often addresses cosmetic and functional issues such as black triangles, worn or chipped teeth, and other dental imperfections. Using transparent matrices and layering tooth-colored composite materials, the Bioclear technique aims to achieve optimal esthetics, durability, and longevity of the restorations.

    The Bioclear Procedure

    Tooth Preparation

    The tooth receiving the Bioclear restoration is cleaned and prepared. Any existing decay or old restorations may be removed as needed. The tooth surface is then etched using a mild acidic solution to create microscopic pores, enhancing the bonding of the composite material.

    Matrix Placement

    A specialized, transparent matrix is selected and fitted around the tooth. The matrix creates a mold-like form that guides the shaping and placement of the composite material. The matrix helps achieve a precise and anatomically correct restoration.

    Injection Molding

    A flowable composite material is injected into the matrix, which helps fill in any gaps or voids around the tooth. This step ensures that the restoration is complete and seamless.

    Composite Placement

    A tooth-colored composite material with the desired shade and translucency is applied to the tooth surface within the matrix. The dentist carefully shapes and sculpts the composite material to achieve the desired esthetic result, considering tooth shape, size, and proper occlusion.


    The composite material is hardened and cured using a dental curing light. The light activates the chemical components in the composite, causing it to bond and harden. This process ensures the restoration becomes strong and durable.

    Finishing and Polishing

    Once the composite material has hardened, the dentist in Hutchinson, KS, will shape and refine the restoration to achieve a natural and seamless appearance. This includes smoothing any rough edges, adjusting the bite, and polishing the surface to match the luster of the surrounding teeth.


    Advantages of Bioclear

    Conservative Approach

    Bioclear is a conservative treatment option that aims to preserve as much of the natural tooth structure as possible. Compared to traditional restorative options like dental crowns or veneers, Bioclear requires minimal tooth reduction, which helps maintain the strength and integrity of the natural tooth.

    Improved Patient Comfort

    The Bioclear technique typically involves minimal invasiveness, increasing patient comfort during and after the treatment. The conservative approach helps preserve the tooth's natural structure, minimizing sensitivity and discomfort often associated with more extensive tooth preparation.

    Bioclear is a versatile technique that can be customized to meet individual patient needs. Visit Sage Brush Dental Health at 2901B North Lorraine St, Suite A, Hutchinson, KS 67502, or call (620) 663-5297 for the best dental care tailored to your unique needs.


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