HealthyStart® for Kids in Hutchinson, KS

    The HealthyStart® System is a painless, non-invasive technique for expanding the airway and straightening teeth without braces. At Sage Brush Dental Health, HealthyStart® straightens teeth without braces and does more than typical orthodontic aligners using a succession of soft items. They also address the symptoms of Sleep Disordered Breathing, which affects many children. These symptoms are frequently misunderstood or mistreated, and they increase with age. HealthyStart® strives to address these symptoms early on by addressing the underlying cause, allowing them to be resolved naturally. 

    The Habit Corrector®

    Who Is a Good Candidate for the HealthyStart® System? 

    Some children are born with low muscular tone in the face and tongue muscles, which can result in loose airway tissues. This increases the likelihood of airway obstructions, but it is treatable with our HealthyStart® System equipment and particular muscle workouts. As a leading Dentist in Hutchinson, KS, we specialize in addressing these challenges to ensure optimal oral health for your child.

    Other children may have high-risk anatomy of the upper and lower jaws. Examples are a thin or high palate, a retruded lower jaw, or an opening between the upper and lower front teeth. These anomalies can be hereditary or the result of practices such as thumb-sucking, prolonged pacifier use, or tongue-thrusting.

    Furthermore, children with Sleep Disordered Breathing can benefit from treatment with the HealthyStart® System. SDB is frequently associated with mouth breathing, crowded teeth, and snoring. It can have a long-term impact on a child's behavioral, cognitive, and physical development. Among the linked symptoms include hyperactivity, anxiety, depression, and bedwetting.

    How Does HealthyStart® System Work More Quickly Than Braces?

    HealthyStart® System treats the underlying cause of misaligned teeth from the beginning. It is more effective than standard orthodontics for three reasons:

    • Making the right alterations while a child's teeth and jaws develop promotes proper alignment. This is far easier than surgically repositioning adult teeth once they have "set."
    • HealthyStart® System helps toddlers breathe properly through their nose and avoid numerous dental health disorders by correcting specific habits right away (such as thumb sucking or mouth breathing).
    • This strategy targets detrimental habits as soon as feasible and corrects orthodontic abnormalities simultaneously, making it more effective than either approach alone.

    The Benefits of HealthyStart® System

    • Getting a gorgeous smile without braces or surgery
    • Rather than fixing crooked teeth, prevent them.
    • Long-term outcomes
    • There is no discomfort.
    • Working organically with your child's facial development and growth

    HealthyStart® System attempts to begin therapy as early as possible to guide developing teeth into appropriate alignment naturally. Contact Sage Brush Dental Health at 2901B North Lorraine St, Suite A, Hutchinson, KS 67502, or call (620) 663-5297 to learn more about how you can provide your child the best chance of a healthy smile and a good night's sleep.


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